1910. Cornelio Fazio

Cornelio Fazio (Garessio, 1910-Rome 1997) was one of the most prominent Italian neurologists of the twentieth century. In 1935 he graduated at University of Turin. He had been working at the Institute of Anatomy headed by the famous morphologist Giuseppe Levi, and Rita Levi Montalcini, Renato Dulbecco and Salvador Luria were among his colleagues.

In 1937 he joined Lionello de Lisi at the University of Genoa, where he began his career in the neurological field and in 1938 he developed a method for studying the vascular system and demonstrated the vascular differences between the white and grey matter of the spinal cord thanks to the subsequently named Pickworth-Fazio method.

When de Lisi retired in 1955, Fazio succeeded him to the chair of neurology at the University of Genoa and began to form a school of neurology, which quickly rose to prominence in Italy. In 1969 he moved to the chair of neurology at the University of Rome.

He was an active participant in the Italian movement against Fascism.

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