Timelines in Neuroscience and Neurology” is an historical project awarded by a 2012 history grant of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS). The approach of modern neurologists and neuroscientists to neurological disorders is undoubtedly influenced by the correct perception of the historical achievements surrounding them. Unfortunately, often due to the time consuming work necessary to collect pivotal documents, this kind of approach is generally neglected by younger colleagues.

General Aim

The general aim of this project intends to produce a tool that might help filling this gap: the timelines (web-based historical hypertexts).

Specific Aim

The specific aim consists in creating five timelines, related to five different neurotopics, for website publication and cloud storage of source documents, in order to facilitate the appreciation of historical events regarding each selected subject.


Eventually this project was accomplished thanks to:

from left to right: Federica Gironi, Luca Fumagalli, Daniele Mazzoleni, Massimiliano Colzani, Jakob Panzeri, Emanuele Molteni, Michele A. riva, Lucio Tremolizzo. Other members of the crew not in the picture: Riccardo Colciago.

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